Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thank you... yes YOU!

At the risk of sounding like a C grade celebrity who's a bit tiddly on wine at the TV week awards, I want to say Thank you.... yes you... my lovely supportive customers, fans and fellow businesses.

I'm counting down to the release.... 2 hours 14 minutes for those of you playing at home.... and I just have this warm fuzzy feeling inside as you all leave such wonderful comments on my FB page, take the time to look at the collection and give me your feedback - I truly appreciate each and every comment left even if I sometimes miss one or two when replying. Facebook pages are priceless, 10 years ago where could we have gone from the comfort of our homes (in our PJ's!) to advertise our wares and directly liaise with hundreds (sometimes thousands) of people who love what we do? I love the personal level it allows me to have with you, I feel like I "know" many of you just through our online chats or emails :)

When you see one of my updates on facebook you don't have to comment or encourage me, but you do time and time again and I don't think this gig would be anywhere near as fun without the support I get from you, in fact, I know it wouldn't!

I have so many plans for Little Wildrose and whilst I may not reach some of my goals, by gosh I'm determined to give it a go and have fun trying!

So thanks once more, I hope you stick around and continue to support me as I progress and hopefully outdo myself (and your expectations) each and every collection. A very big special warm squishy Thank You to my very supportive husband who I know is very jealous of both the computer and sewing machine and yet still lets me toil away for hours in a day.


  1. Thanks Angela! It's been a long time (school maybe?) since I've had to give thought to my writing. I think it's good for me, and good practice for kids English homework later in life, lol.

  2. love it janine, I love the writing too! and as I said before-you have nothing to be nervous about, and everything to be happy about. you will rock the clutch world! xx