Sunday, May 8, 2011

My next addiction…. Shoes!

I’m currently on the hunt for the ultimate pair of ankle boots for winter, and reviving my addiction to shoes! I don’t get to wear a lot of heels these days, having my 2 cherubs isn’t exactly conducive to tottering around in 13cm-plus stilettos!

There are some gorgeous styles around this winter and I thought I would share some of my favourites that I spotted in the shops over the weekend, and where my online hunt has taken me…

My sister Alicia had these on at Zu yesterday, so lovely but so so high!

I adore these by Wayne Cooper… nearly bought them in black yesterday but the thought of trying to justify my $190 purchase to my husband had me put them sadly back on the shelf.

The riding boot style seems to be very popular this winter… the idea of comfort and style works for me!! These ones are from Tony Bianco.

Again from Tony Bianco is Chalina, perfect heel to go from the office to after work drinks and out at the weekend! My sister Alicia has these in 4 different colours/fabrics and swears by them as a staple heel (she’s even more shoe obsessed than I am!)

The ultimate indulgence heel from Zu… I don’t know where I would wear these, but I would love to see them sparkling at me from my wardrobe!

These divine creatures are from Asos ( I love the contrast of the suede and faux snake skin.

Thank goodness Asos are in the UK, or I’d be broke… I love these.

Swoon!!! This is a Miss Sixty pair, again from Asos (are you seeing a pattern? lol)

And to finish of my Asos-obsession are these… coming in at a measly £530… or $955 Australian!!

I am still on the hunt for the perfect balance of style and comfort with a bit of height (mainly style and height :p), so if you’ve found the perfect winter ankle boots PLEASE share!

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