Sunday, May 22, 2011


Or more specifically, babies that sleep. Something I had without ever REALLY appreciating it... until now. My first baby Emily was born into this world and spent her first 6 weeks waking once through the night, I thought it was torture! Who gets up at 4am, ever????? 6 weeks in she started sleeping 12 hours a night, ahhhh much better! She continues to sleep those great lengths until recently when I've noticed she's started getting up just that little bit earlier in the mornings than usual... hmm, well I have bought a gro-clock, let's see if it lives up to the hype.

Anyway I've gotten off track,back to the sleeping babies.... I fell pregnant with my 2nd baby and my Mum was trying to prepare me for sleepless nights, she'd say "You know that Emily is an exception and most babies do not sleep that well", yes Mum I know, I'm in for a devil sleeper to make up for it. Well Parker was born 4 months ago and is (was!) even better than Emily. Up once a night the same as his sister and then at 6 weeks he too started doing 12-14 hour "hibernations" overnight AND he self-settled to sleep. He would cry when he was tired and as soon as he was popped in his basinette he'd be quiet and silently suck on his fist to go to sleep. BLISS! My mum and friends would tell me "You're so lucky to have babies that sleep well" and I'd say "Oh yes it's great" without actually realising HOW great it was.

Well I now know. About 4 days ago (really, only 4 days? Feels like about 2 weeks!) Parker decided that he doesn't want to sleep anymore, not even a little bit, not even at all. He has changed from a perfectly happy, placid baby to one CRANKY baby that cries day and night and will. not. sleep. The first day I thought "I can do this, he'll have to crash sooner or later" but 4 days and nights on I am still waiting. He and I have only managed about 11 hours sleep all up, over the last 4 days and 4 nights. To all you mums out there who have or had babies that are up 24/7 and constantly deprive you of sleep, you're probably rolling your eyes at me whinging after just 4 days, and I take my hat off to you... 4 days of this is more than enough for me!

My eyeballs are hanging out of my head and I've never been as grateful to the person who discovered coffee as I am now... whoever you are, I LOVE YOU.It would be more bearable if my husband were home to give me a reprieve, but unfortunately he's away at work until Thursday earning money to buy more coffee :)

I've been able to manage only a minimal amount of time for Little Wildrose which will mean the May Collection may not be as big as I had hoped, but I hope you will love the ones I have managed to complete anyway :)

Anyway this fractured, rambling blog post is probably a good indication of how tired I am, but I have a question for you instant coffee drinkers out there, what is the hands-down best instant coffee ever? If you are lucky enough to own a coffee machine don't tell me, I may just die of jealousy.

My babies, Parker (left) & Emily (right)


  1. I don't drink coffee coz I can't. It gives me migraine. So if my son doesn't sleep thru the night, which most nigths he keeps waking up for his feed anyways, I just have to live with sleepy eyes the next day. U r still lucky! At least u have coffee. ^_^. Btw, love Ur work!! If only I can afford it in MYR.

  2. Could of written your post myself. I also had 3 really good sleepers, in fact each one got better than the other. I also went through a sleepless period when my daughter turned 1 and soon realised how lucky I had it. Thankfully it only lasted about a week or two. As far coffee the instant coffee I drink is Moccona Espresso. I also drink the instant nescafe strong cappucino's in the satchets. I have my fingers crossed that your son starts sleeping soon again for you :-)

  3. Instant coffee....BLURGHHHH! Don't even bother... use coffee as an excuse to get down to your nearest cafe and get some fresh air... you will need that too ;)
    Despite being extremely jealous of your sleeping through kids- i have a 15 month old that still hasn't learnt to yet- i hope that Parker is just going through teething or something and he reverts back to his old self, and you can continue to make lots of beautiful creations to make us fans very happy too :) xx